Beluga Family 2

“Beluga Family 2″ is 16″long x 8″deep x 15” high and is white alabaster. The family continues the theme reflecting the loss of two beluga whales at the Vancouver Aquarium recently. This was a technically challenging work but the theme is also very emotional.

Click on “Beluga Family 2” to view the 360 degree video or call 604 536 7324 to view.


Torso, Blowin’ in the Wind

“Torso, Blowin’ in the Wind” is white alabaster with a granite base. It’s a whimsical rendering inspired by my research to learn more about the history and technique of carving cloth and drapery.


Black Orca

“Black Orca” is a representational sculpture of an “Killer Whale” or Orca. It is rendered in four dimensions: in 3D the dynamic pose is enhanced with a fourth dimension of formline inspired design. It is 12″ h x 11″w x 7″d. It is pyrophilite stone with a granite base. It was honoured by the Richmond Carving Society at its 28th annual juried show and sale held May 26-28, 2017 with top honours for it’s division in the Canada 150 category.

“Black Orca” can be seen in all 4 dimensions by clicking “here”


Beluga Family


Aurora and Quila sadly died at the Vancouver Aquarium. We visited them many times beginning when our children were infants. “Beluga Family” is of Carrara marble, from the same Italian quarries as the great renaissance master drew their stone. They are 14″ long and 9″ high including the granite base.

Click on “Beluga Family” to view the 360 degree video or call 604 536 7324 to view.


Sleeping Beauty

“Sleeping Beauty” is dreaming and came to me in a dream! is 14″h x 12″w x 9″d. She is made from Brazilian soapstone

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Torso #1

A robust torso representational sculpture of Brazilian soapstone, she is 13″h x 7″w x 7″d. My most common comment is: what was  your inspiration for this work!  😉

Click on “Torso #1” or call 604 536 7324 to view


Little Chickees

“Chickees” are various sizes and poses 2″h – 4″h and are handcrafted from Brazilian soapstone. They have their own individual personalities, and each is one of a kind.

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$85 – $145 (set of 3, $295)

Torso #2

I love figurative carving. Every human body is perfect is it’s own way. Made from Idaho limestone, she is 12″h x 5″w x 5″d

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Little Brown Bear

This cute little brown bear is 4″ tall, made from Brazillian soapstone

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Embracing Orcas

The “Embracing Orcas” were inspired by my families sailing encounters with Orca’s and photographs of pods in their natural environment. Carved from a single piece of Idaho limestone they are 13″h x 9″w x 8″ d with a granite base.

A 360 degree video can be viewed by clicking on “Embracing Orcas”

or by calling 604 536 7324