Canada Goose

“Canada Goose Bowl” is an entirely unique wood carving representing one of the most iconic symbols of the Canadian wilderness, during this, the 150th anniversary of confederation. It is made of basswood and is 10″h x 7″w x 14″l. It was honoured by being awarded 1st in it’s class at the 28th Annual Richmond Carving Society Show and Sale

Click on “Canada Goose Bowl” to see a 3D video or call 604 536 7324 to view


Loon Bowl

During my years in the Northeastern Alberta lakeland, I spent many sunsets listening to the silence, broken only by the lapping of the water on the shore and the distinctive call of the loons. I carved this Loon Bowl in dedication to those special times and the people I shared them with. It is 15″ long, fashioned from basswood and is a stylized representation of the iconic Canadian water bird from a design courtesy of John Vanspronssen. Decoration is northwest coast formline design of the First Nations peoples which is finished with abalone shell.

Click on “LOON BOWL” to see the 30 second video or call 504 536 7324 to view

Water Bearer

The Water Bearer is 17″ tall and made of basswood. She has won awards at a juried show.

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Ode to the Sun

“Ode to the Sun” is a basswood figurative carving which is 20″ high including the alabaster and cedar base. To view the full 360 degree video, click on Ode to the Sun or call 604 536 7324


Halibut Bowl

Halibut Bowl is crafted from yellow cedar and is 12″l x 8″w x 2″ d. It’s eyes and tail feature abalone shell inlays.

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 Pretty Lady

“Pretty Lady” is 13″H x 8″W x 5″D. She is made from basswood and is mounted on Brazilian soap stone. She has won awards in two juried shows.

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Potlatch Ladle


“Potlatch Ladle” is 15″L x 5″W x 8″H. It is fashioned from local red alder and mounted on it’s own mahogany cradle. It is inspired by the carvings of the Pacific West Coast First Nations peoples.

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Eagle on Raven


“Eagle on Raven” is 11″w x 8″h x 2″d and carved from yellow cedar. Stand, which is included, can be removed for wall mounting.

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Mousie Doorstop

He is 7″L x 4″h x 2″w, fashioned from basswood and makes a very practical gift.

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Eulachon Bowl


The “Eulachon Bowl” has an eagle on one end and a whale on the other. It is fashioned from native red alder. First nations peoples stored and served cooking grease in bowls such as this. View the 360 degree video by click on this link: Eulachon Bowl or call 604 536 7324



Yes! A fashionable bowtie of basswood wrapped with pigskin leather. Custom colours and sizes available. A unique and fashionable gift.

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Proud Eagle

The “Proud Eagle” is 9″ tall, fashioned from basswood and a show winner.

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